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Submission + - Object seen in skydiver's helmetcam unlikely to be a meteorite 3

The Bad Astronomer writes: The viral video showing what looked like a meteorite falling past a skydiver made quite a splash, with many people assuming it was true. However, further analysis shows that it's also perfectly consistent with being a small (1-3 cm) rock that fell out of the parachute itself, which is a far more likely explanation.
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Object seen in skydiver's helmetcam unlikely to be a meteorite

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  • Sure it looked like something other than a meteorite
    I sure wanted it to be extraterrestrial.

    Now how will we ever know. Last I checked all extraterrestrial
    rocks and crafts are supposed to be fitted with blackbox recorders
    and radar beacons. Compliance has been low so I have little
    hope of additional collaborating evidence.

  • I wanted to believe as well. At least your not Hans Amundsen.

    “It can’t be anything else,” said geologist Hans Amundsen, quoted in the Norwegian publication NRK. “The shape is typical of meteorites – a fresh fracture surface on one side, while the other side is rounded.”

  • Just how does a small rock managed to get in or outside the parachute itself and went unnoticed? That's what is not believable.

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