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Submission + - Wanna Know What Tesla Drivers Look At Online?

cartechboy writes: Yes, the Tesla Model S does indeed have unrestricted Internet access on that massive 17-inch touch screen, but what are those wealthy electric-car drivers actually looking at on their in-car browsers? Thanks to Quantcast, we now know that those people are looking at Drudge Report, local news, and finance along with stock-data sites. Interestingly, but not shocking, two-thirds of Tesla browsing activity came from California with Georgia and Texas being the next most popular states. Texas is an interesting one as the state bans Tesla's direct-sales model altogether. Quantcast notes the fact that Teslas not only provide ubiquitous fast Internet access, but also lets marketers track those browsing patters which is something most Tesla owners probably haven't thought about, yet. This all begs the question of whether in-car infotainment systems will be the next big thing for marketers as we move towards more connected, and autonomous vehicles.
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Wanna Know What Tesla Drivers Look At Online?

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