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Submission + - Verizon Knows your Wi-Fi SSID and Key (wlanbook.com) 4

FuzzyFox writes: While browsing my Verizon FIOS account settings on their web site, I happened to notice my Wi-Fi SSID was prominently displayed. Below that, I noticed a link that would also display the WPA2 password for my private network.

I was really surprised by this, because I did not tell Verizon this information, or ask them to store it on my behalf. It appears they have lifted the information remotely from the ActionTec router that they supplied me with.

It bothers me that they are storing this information about me, because it could conceivably be (1) stolen by hackers, (2) subpoena'd by the government, (3) silently borrowed by the NSA, or other uses that haven't yet come to mind.

Do other ISP's also silently store their customers' password information without the knowledge of the customer? Should we be outraged about this? I would rather that my private information not be stored without my consent, at the very least.

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Verizon Knows your Wi-Fi SSID and Key

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  • Don't use Verizon's router. They own it, so it's likely that they own any information you supply to it. If you want privacy or security, daisy chain your own router from it and connect to that.
    • Following up on the above, you don't need to use the Actiontec at all.. Just be sure to do a WAN side DHCP release and immediately unplug their router.. Put your own in its place and presto, you're done. As a bonus, most good routers out there will take either DD-WRT or Tomato firmwares, which have many nice options simply not available via the Actiontec one.
      • by schwit1 ( 797399 )

        This may not be accurate for everyone. I unplugged the coax to the actiontec and a week later noticed I was no longer receiving TV listing updates. Everything else seemed to continue working as before.

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