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Submission + - Google Releases AngularJS 2.0 Designs, Reveals Creation Of AngularDart

rjmarvin writes: Google has released the designs and documentation for all the upcoming features of AngularJS 2.0 http://sdt.bz/68942, still currently in the prototype phase. The new version of the open source JavaScript framework is being written entirely in ECMAScript 6 and will target all major desktop and mobile browsers. Angular 2.0's other new features, all documented on Google Drive https://drive.google.com/a/bzm..., include faster change detection, modularity, touch animations and a new persistence layer. Google engineering director Brad Green also revealed http://blog.angularjs.org/2014... that the team is building AngularDart. a new framework for Google Dart.
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Google Releases AngularJS 2.0 Designs, Reveals Creation Of AngularDart

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