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Submission + - Bank of America patents NMAP .. ( 2

DTentilhao writes: Two days ago, Bank of America was granted a patent on assessing security by checking a list of servers for open ports, pinging those ports, determining whether the servers contain sensitive information, and then closing the ports on those servers in the event that they do contain sensitive information.

Phew. I'm glad that BOA finally invented nmap. I can't imagine how we'd gotten by so long without it.

Ping and scan of computer systems

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Bank of America patents NMAP ..

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  • If the patent examiner clerks that process the applications have ANY actual subject background at all.
    If I tried to patent breathing as a way to facilitate oxygen intake, how far would that get before somebody said "you're kidding"?

  • ... for wasting taxpayer resources and fraud.

    Whoever approved this at the PTO should be fired for incompetence and wasting taxpayer resources.

BLISS is ignorance.