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nxhrl1 writes: The cool side of the pillow doesn’t do the trick. You toss and turn. Your brain won’t power down for the night. You give up and get up, perhaps to avoid depriving your spouse of sleep, too.

Sound familiar? At Mountain Pure Beverage Co., we’ve developed an innovative product to aid sleep and put your insomnia to bed. You’re probably thinking, “I’ve tried everything to help me sleep.” Chances are, you haven’t tried Series 7 Sleep Enhancement Beverage! We all know there are serious consequences of sleep loss, particularly relating to cognition and health. But here are some effects you might find surprising:

1. It can be a contributor to depression. In a 2007 study, those with insomnia were five times as likely to develop depression. Insomnia often is one of the first symptoms.

2. Sleep-deprived men and women often report lower libidos and less interest in sex. Many men with sleep apnea also have low testosterone levels.

3. Sleep loss causes lower growth hormone production. When you’re young, the hormone promotes growth. As you age, it helps increase muscle mass, thicken skin and strengthen bones.

4. People who sleep less than six hours a day are almost 30 percent more susceptible to obesity. Lack of sleep increases hunger and appetite.

Series 7 Health can help. Its sleep enhancement formula combines Lactium (a natural milk protein) and vitamin B-6, which reduces stress-related sleeplessness and restores sleep patterns. The Lactium induces relaxation, leading to deeper, more restorative sleep. Vitamin B-6 converts a small amount of tryptophan (an essential amino acid regulating nervous system activity related to relaxation and sleep) to niacin (vitamin B-3) and serotonin (a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep patterns.) Lactium produces positive outcomes in nearly all measured indicators for men and women, including sleep quality and efficiency, sleep disturbances and daytime dysfunction. FDA-approved Lactium doesn’t induce side effects such as addictions, tolerance, memory loss, disinhibition or sedation.

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Series 7 Sleep Aid

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