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Submission + - The O-ISM3 CHALLENGE arises, the first "security consultants competition" (

vaceituno writes: This initiative is launched by Inovement and tries to catch the attention into the importance of the concepts used in security consultant’s activities.

In collaboration with VASS, Inovement launches the O-ISM3 Challenge, an equivalent in the consulting arena to the popular “Capture the Flag” competitions of the ethical hacking scene. In order to solve the Challenge participants have to solve a Use Case where they play the role of a consultant who is in charge of finding the security needs of a company. In order to solve the Challenge, participants have the option of using traditional concepts like confidentiality, integrity, availability, or new concepts like O-ISM3’s security objectives. The purpose of the Challenge is comparing the success solving the Use Case of participants using either option, which are mutually exclusive.

The Challenge will develop between the 1st and 16th of March, and the winners will be published on the 24 of March. Among those who pass the test, a prize of 500 euro and a spot in an O-ISM3 course will be randomly assigned. Furthermore, the conclusions of the Challenge will be published, depending on the number of participants, their approach to solve the Challenge, and their comparative success solving the Challenge.

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The O-ISM3 CHALLENGE arises, the first "security consultants competition"

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