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Submission + - Why the iPhone 5c underwhelmed (

An anonymous reader writes: During Apple's most recent earnings conference call, Tim Cook effectively conceded that consumer demand for the iPhone 5s and 5c did not align with Apple's internal projections. Specifically, more people were clamoring for the iPhone 5s than Apple anticipated while demand for the colorful and plastic iPhone 5c "turned out to be different than we thought."

While it remains to be seen if Apple scraps the iPhone 5c altogether it's worth taking a look at just what the iPhone 5c was and why it failed to live up to Apple's expectations.

In stark contrast to the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c was comprised of plastic. Indeed, Jony Ive ridiculously called the device "unapologetically plastic" in one of the Apple produced videos that often accompany new product unveilings. Also differentiating the iPhone 5c was that it came in a variety of colors and was priced $100 cheaper than the flagship 5s.

So just where in this equation did Apple mess up?

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Why the iPhone 5c underwhelmed

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