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Submission + - Volt Vandalism: Charging Cord Cut For Electricity Cost, Or Electric-Car Hate? 11

cartechboy writes: Slashed tires and broken car windows are nothing new. But electric cars have brought a new type of vandalism, and it's anything but random. Take the couple in a Florida high-rise condo who found one night that someone literally cut the charging cord to their Chevy Volt--while it was plugged in. Their OnStar app alerted them one evening that the car's charging session had been interrupted. When they investigated, they found the cord severed and the charging door bent on its hinges. The car was parked against a wall, so you couldn't see the cord unless you looked for it. Over three months, the couple used just over $25 worth of electricity to charge their Volt--and they'd gotten permission first. Was the vandalism someone's way of sending a message? And what WAS that angry message: Was it about the cost of the electricity? Or just someone who hates electric cars for political reason? They may never know--but that charging cord lists at $450.
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Volt Vandalism: Charging Cord Cut For Electricity Cost, Or Electric-Car Hate?

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  • I was talking with a friend a while ago about the pending crime wave that will be hitting EV owners. Those charging cords have a lot of heavy duty copper wire in them. It's only a matter of time before your local neighborhood tweaker starts chopping them off so they can sell the copper to feed an addiction. That, and I have a feeling public EV charging stations will become vandalism targets like phone booths of yore.
    • Cameras.

      • Have you ever tried to get the cops to do anything for you with a picture of a thief?

        They will let you fill out a report so you can make an insurance claim. Just be quite and don't bother them while you fill out the form.

        • Cameras at parking lots and garages deter crime.

          It's the ONLY form of crime they kinda prevent. []

          Turns out, people who commit premeditated crimes like car theft or vandalism also happen to evaluate the probability of punishment, while those acting on impulse and committing violent crimes don't.
          Whodathunkit, right?

        • I don't need a report. I just need an address. Reduces recidivism.

        • by LoRdTAW ( 99712 )

          That depends on the cops involved. A while back I helped guy down the block near my work install cameras. Not too long after the cameras went up he had trouble with the boyfriend of a less than civil tenant. The thug and a friend vandalized the homeowners car and broke into another apartment in the same night.

          Everything was caught on camera and they were both arrested. He even got an order of protection for the thug boyfriend for when he got out of jail. Thankfully the girls mother stopped paying rent and h

    • by LWATCDR ( 28044 )

      Makes a lot more sense that it was just a copper thief than someone sending a political message.

    • by LoRdTAW ( 99712 )

      I concur, copper thief.

      When we cleaned out out building a while back we had a lot of scrap metal. So we loaded up our van and headed to the scrap yard. Most was steel which does not fetch much, you need need a few hundred pounds to a ton before you have any real money. You pull up on a scale to weigh in, get a ticket, pull up to a spot, dump all the steel on the ground, weigh out and get your ticket stamped with the weight. But we also had a little bit of copper, brass and aluminum. You have to wait on anot

  • Too many places allow "eco-friendly" cars better parking spaces, much like disabled. So, I could see anger directed due to that reason.

    I disagree strongly with the parking space preferential treatment.Why should a business/municipality want gas guzzling cars to drive even further up the parking garage or parking lot burning all that fuel and warming globes even more? Shouldn't we want gas guzzlers to park ASAP so that they get turned off quicker? The electric cars should be parked furthest away. Besides, th

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