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Submission + - No Boys Allowed: Google Offers $100 to Every HS Girl Coder

theodp writes: Boys, it seems, are the red-headed stepchild of the U.S. learn-to-code movement. First it was, which offered teachers of its K-8 program 25% less classroom funding from partner if fewer than 40% of their CS students were girls. And now, Codecademy serves notice that boys are completely worthless to teachers in a Google sponsored learn-to-code initiative. "Thanks to Google," explains Codecademy, "every U.S. public high school girl who completes this 15-hour JavaScript curriculum will receive a $100 gift code, which can be applied to a project requesting awesome resources for public school classrooms...Why just girls? Currently only 12% of computer science graduates are women, and great tech companies like Google want to see more smart girls like you enter this awesome profession!" A cached DonorsChoose FAQ on the program further explains that girls can kick back the gift codes to their own teacher, who can also earn a $500 bonus gift code of his/her own — doubled to $1,000 for lucky NYC teachers by CSNYC — when 4 or more of their girls complete the JS lessons. While noting that some claim DonorsChoose's "corporate reform is eroding, rather than strengthening, public schools," FastCompany praised the non-profit's "real education reform" in a recent profile that was promoted by DonorsChoose fan Melinda Gates, who certainly puts her tax-free money where her Tweets are.
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No Boys Allowed: Google Offers $100 to Every HS Girl Coder

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