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Submission + - Online and Off, Protesters Are Bombarding Venezuela's Government (vice.com)

Daniel_Stuckey writes: Protests in Venezuela grew Thursday as opposition leaders seek a more stable economy and an end to violent retaliations against the protestors. In addition to marches across the country, hackers associated with Anonymous have apparently taken down several government websites and photos of the violence have begun to circulate widely on social media.

This is how we protest in 2014: It appears to be an all-out assault that's happening in local media, on the streets, on social media, and online.

Nicolas Maduro’s presidency has been rocky ever since he was elected in a special election last year after Hugo Chavez’s death. The country is facing extreme economic uncertainty as its currency becomes hyper-inflated. Maduro has said that foreign governments such as the United States have plans to overthrow him, but recent protests in Caracas and Lara seem to have come from within in the country.

Amnesty International has asked for an “urgent” investigation of the events surrounding the deaths of three protesters in Caracas during what started as a peaceful student protest in the capital.

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Online and Off, Protesters Are Bombarding Venezuela's Government

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