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Submission + - Samsung preparing Context keylogger, spyware in upcoming Galaxy S phones 1

jmcbain writes: According to the technology blog The Verge, Samsung is preparing new smartphone software that acts as a keylogger and spyware in their future phones, like the upcoming Galaxy S 5. "Samsung has been developing a service called Context that would collect what a person types, what apps they use, and what data their phone's sensors pick up, and then allow developers to tap into that pool of data to enrich their apps." The article suggests a scenario where "by using Context a video service might be able to automatically display sports videos to someone who frequently searches for sports." Looks similar to the Google Now service, but still scary stuff in the age of the NSA.
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Samsung preparing Context keylogger, spyware in upcoming Galaxy S phones

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  • I have a Samsung HDTV in route, reading the manual to be ready for it, I saw a lot of areas for abuse, Facial recognition, voice commands. and It's recommended to create a Facebook account as it would be easier for other accounts. Damn if they aren't going to data mine my TV; if they are "preparing" a new item to spy with and collect text, I'm sure it's already in place in other areas.

    It gets worse, I bought it to be a monitor for my PC, and it has a web browser built in.

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