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Submission + - China And Taiwan Hold First Direct Talks Since 1949 Civil War Split (

cold fjord writes: The Washington Post reports, "China and Taiwan agreed to establish a formal government-level dialogue for the first time in 65 years, official media reported, after an historic meeting in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing. Representatives from both sides smiled and shook hands warmly before ... the first formal talks since the country split in two in 1949, after a civil war. Beijing refuses to formally acknowledge the government in Taiwan, which it considers a breakaway province, and previous negotiations on cross-strait relations have been conducted by quasi-official representatives rather than government officials. Taiwan’s minister of mainland affairs, Wang Yu-chi, called the meeting a “new chapter” in relations between the two sides, and "truly a day for the record books," ... China’s representative, Zhang Zhijun, said the two negotiators could “definitely become good friends,” but would need to show imagination to achieve breakthroughs in the future ... The Chinese government keeps around 1,200 missiles pointed at Taiwan ... and Beijing has threatened to attack if the island ever declares formal independence or delays unification indefinitely. With the U.S. government formally committed to defend Taiwan in case of an attack, the issue remains a potential flashpoint."" The Telegraph adds, "The setting for the talks was also symbolic: a hotel in the Chinese city of Nanjing, which was twice the capital of Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist government before it fled to Taiwan after defeat at the hands of the Communist party. "
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China And Taiwan Hold First Direct Talks Since 1949 Civil War Split

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