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Submission + - Slashcott: is the Altslashdot site OK? ( 3

j_presper_eckert writes: Hello, and my apologies for the off-topic submission.

Is anyone else who's planning on joining the (very) imminent slashcott having difficulty in reaching

I ask because, despite several careful attempts, I have not yet been able to successfully reach the new wiki this evening. (It had been fine on Friday, though.) For me, the address is now resolving as and is also showing as a parked domain courtesy of some place in France.

I'm concerned about the new site still not being "ready for primetime" despite the slashcott being almost literally around the corner. Did I somehow fumble-finger the link, or are others seeing the same thing when they try to reach Altslashdot??? TIA

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Slashcott: is the Altslashdot site OK?

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  • Yes, you're being sent to more or less the right place. I get forwarded to [] via the altslashdot url. The wiki is there and there are a few posts on the forum but that's about it.
  • They're moving the site from the altslash name to the soylent name and it has to propogate out to all the DNS servers out there for the URL to get linked to the actual IP address.

    It might not be ready as soon as Slashcott starts, but they only started on it like this past Thursday.

    If you do IRC, here's where you can find where they're talking about it (and a bunch of other stuff, like LED strings and bacon steaks...

    " instead of slashdot meet us on freenode in channel ##altslashdot "

    http://webchat.freenode []

    • Thanks for the info, folks; much obliged. Off to IRC for now.

      Annnnnd...logging-off from the beowulf cluster here, maybe for the final (?) time. (sigh) Good luck to the 'dot and all who choose to sail aboard her.

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