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Submission + - Is Slashdot staying relevant to Nerds that Matter with stuff that's news? 4

mmell writes: Recently, Slashdot unveiled a new look and not unlike virtually every update the people running /. attempt, this proposed, beta change has caused widespread panic and hysteria such as not been seen since the broadcast of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds. At what point do users of a free service gain a right to destroy that service (evidence of which is clearly visible throughout the site and requires no citation)? Has the average /. user devolved to the level of all the non-slashdotters we used to make fun of?
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Is Slashdot staying relevant to Nerds that Matter with stuff that's news?

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  • by cfulton ( 543949 )
    Yes we have.
  • This "submission" seems to much like the "fans" answer to the criticism of Windows 8. The typical straw man of "critics only hate change", complete dismissal of the valid comments made by loyal users, total refusal to accept criticism.
  • Slashdot is unusable to you because of all those meanyheads complaining about how slashdot is becoming unusable to everyone. Let me weep tears of pure sympathy for your terrible plight.

  • Remember... this "free" service makes money by serving ads and being a key search term generator on the search engines -- basically, if your product is mentioned on Slashdot, you can guarantee a significant increase in business.

    On the other side, this "free service" boils down to an interface for those "average /. users" to post things they find interesting and exchange comments regarding them. The comments are even owned by the posters, and not the site. As such, the only destroying going on would be of

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