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Submission + - Leaked: The European Police Plan To Remotely Stop Cars?!

cartechboy writes: We've read about the idea of electromagnetic pulse guns and EMPs being used and or tested to help the police stop cars during a chase. But apparently that stuff is old news already, as a leaked document has revealed that the European Union is working on a plan that could allow police to remotely shut down a vehicle. People, we aren't talking about shutting down a car from the comfort of a squad car, no, we are talking about the idea of shutting down a vehicle from a control room somewhere overseeing the streets via closed-circuit television cameras. According to the leaked document, the technological solution would be a built in standard for all cars that are sold in the European market by the end of the decade. It would allow police to simply power down a vehicle under certain scenarios. The idea behind all this is the fact that it would eliminate dangerous pursuit situations. Of course, this the point where everyone starts discussing whether this invades civil liberties. What's to stop the government from misusing this system?
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Leaked: The European Police Plan To Remotely Stop Cars?!

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