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Submission + - Something Better Than Alphabetical Sort 1

rueger writes: We're putting together a small website for a fairly narrow industry. One of the goals is to drive business to our members.

The first instinct is to list all 60+ member companies in alphabetical order, but that obviously will tend to favour the companies with names starting with A, B, or C.

A quick google turned up this and this, but so far I haven't seen a really useful idea for presenting our member list in a way that helps everyone to have an equal profile.

I'm sure there's some actual design and technology ideas that will help us solve this dilemma.
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Something Better Than Alphabetical Sort

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  • Simple: Render the list randomly each time it is viewed (server side, please). It should average out to being a fair represenation.

    Maybe pick a SEO []-friendly order and statically serve it to the search engines (e.g. by identifying the Googlebot User-Agent).

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