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Submission + - Force the FAA to issue an Airworthiness Certificate for Beer Drones (

garymortimer writes: A great We The People for a Friday! I am willing to bet it gets more signatures than any of the ones raised by industry insiders ;-) sUAS News readers do your bit for beer! Although I am not sure why they say the FAA have revoked authorisation, they can never have had it in the first place. This story looks more like a well planned media campaign to leverage the Amazon delivery story with every post I see.

It does put yet another spotlight on the FAA who seem busy getting ready to celebrate 1976 and the Montreal Olympics rather than consider technology that is rapidly getting outside of their control.

I would love it if this beer drone really was the cause célèbre for sensible unmanned aircraft regulations for craft weighing less than 10kg in the USA. I like 10kg as a weight because I believe 99% of commercial work will be achieved with platforms of that size and less.

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Force the FAA to issue an Airworthiness Certificate for Beer Drones

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