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Submission + - Occulus Rift Used in Virtual Reality Prototype with Live Motion Capture ( 1

arisvega writes: A researcher at University College London has developed a prototype augmented reality system which enables users to interact with virtual objects, avatars and websites, all bundled with live motion tracking.

Before you get too excited, note that the system is rather difficult to be made portable, as it uses fixed cameras to perform motion capture.

The system, developed by William Steptoe (and presumably his team?), researcher at University College London, uses a head-mounted display and panels fitted to the hands to insert virtual objects into the room in which you sit or stand, enabling interaction with virtual objects, avatars and websites.

In this demonstration he uses the technology to interact with objects around him and brings up tablet-like displays to get online. He even uses his Occulus Rift to put on a virtual Occulus Rift on.

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Occulus Rift Used in Virtual Reality Prototype with Live Motion Capture

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  • Pretty interesting stuff, even if they don't really have interaction with him arms quite nailed down. A few times his hands were moving behind the objects, creating a weird visual effect.

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