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Submission + - So you thought your GP records were confidential in the UK?

An anonymous reader writes: From March 2014, the Health and Social Care Act 2012 mandates that GP surgeries must on a monthly basis upload all patient data, unanonymised, to a central HSCIC database. While the NHS argues that this will help with planning and service provision, there is already a list of other organisations who have already been approved to have access to the data including the UK Government, BUPA and Dr. Foster. While it is possible to "opt-out" (which incidentally means that your data is still sent but is anonymised), it is not the default option and you must individually contact your GP surgery to arrange this. With the "opt-out" deadline of the end of January 2014 approaching, what will you do? And what could possibly go wrong if you don't?
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So you thought your GP records were confidential in the UK?

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