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Submission + - In A Reversal, FBI Again Emphasizes Role in Law Enforcement (

cold fjord writes: Foreign Policy has a follow up to a previous controversy, reporting that, "The Federal Bureau of Investigation has decided to revise a controversial fact sheet that declared its primary mission to be "national security," following criticism that the agency seemed to be moving away from its longstanding role as the nation's preeminent law enforcement agency. The change emphasizes that stopping terrorism and battling more conventional domestic criminal activity are both "primary functions" of the FBI. ... The fact sheet was updated less than 48 hours after a report on it in Foreign Policy went viral last week. An FBI official confirmed that the change was a direct result of the article. "It's most accurate to say our primary functions are law enforcement and national security and that's probably what it should've said all along," FBI spokesman Paul Bresson told FP. "We've always been both.""
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In A Reversal, FBI Again Emphasizes Role in Law Enforcement

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