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Submission + - Open Source Filter App Turns Your Email into a Programmable Playground (jeffreifman.com)

reifman writes: Filtered is a new open source IMAP mail filtering application which lets you train, route and experiment with your email. Filtered can learn from the contents of your existing folders, respond to drag and drop events and be trained via the web. But, it's also a platform which programmers can use to create new features for email such as quiet hours which shuts off your inbox on a schedule, whitelisting, which challenges new senders to authenticate themselves as human and a secure folders which delete messages from your NSA-accessible Gmail account and stores an encrypted version on your server. Filtered is written in PHP and is available now on Github. There's a detailed installation guide for trying out the app with a cloud-based Linux server. You can also request a droplet for Digital Ocean for a faster start.
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Open Source Filter App Turns Your Email into a Programmable Playground

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