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Submission + - CentOS joins Red Hat (muktware.com) 1

sfcrazy writes: Red Hat and CentOS have joined forces to create a ‘new’ CentOS. The new entity will be governed by CentOS Governing Board which will comprise of members from CentOS and Red Hat teams. This move means that CentOS now has more resources at hands. Some CentOS members are moving to Red Hat, as a part of their sponsorship of the CentOS Project, allowing these people to work on the Project as their primary job function.
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CentOS joins Red Hat

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  • Those of us who've been using Centos understand that if you use it to deploy, and ultimately in your data center, often in place of Windows, then it is just a matter of time before you begin to use RHEL to get support for at least their mission critical production boxes. Centos and RHEL are a nice mix. So, this definitely makes sense for RH. Plus, they have nothing to lose since Centos thrives with or without their endoresment.

    Yet, the back and forth relationship RH has taken over the years with the co

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