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Submission + - Flir Unveils the First Personal Thermal Imaging Device for Consumers (suasnews.com) 1

garymortimer writes: This might be a game changer or a flop, you decide.

As the first and only personal thermal imager for the consumer market under $350, FLIR ONE is compact, easy-to-use, compatible with the iPhone5 and 5s and fits on the phone like a protective case. Once mounted, the device displays a live thermal image of the world right on the phone’s screen, giving users unprecedented ability to “see” in an array of conditions, including complete darkness.

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Flir Unveils the First Personal Thermal Imaging Device for Consumers

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  • Stock has jumped over 5% now. Not sure if it's all related to this item or if other things are going on. Their website has some interesting IR photos. I like the idea of being able to see where the dog has peed the carpet without stepping in it. Price tag of $350 is still a bit high to get lots of consumer traction with people buying it just to have fun. Needs to be near $100 for that to happen. But I can see a reasonably large number of different professionals being interested in the idea - building

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