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Submission + - Searching The Internet For Evidence Of Time Travelers 2

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Here's an interesting paper by two physicists at Michigan Technological University who have come up with a practical methodology for finding time travelers through the internet. "Time travel has captured the public imagination for much of the past century, but little has been done to actually search for time travelers. Here, three implementations of Internet searches for time travelers are described, all seeking a prescient mention of information not previously available. The first search covered prescient content placed on the Internet, highlighted by a comprehensive search for specific terms in tweets on Twitter. The second search examined prescient inquiries submitted to a search engine, highlighted by a comprehensive search for specific search terms submitted to a popular astronomy web site. The third search involved a request for a direct Internet communication, either by email or tweet, pre-dating to the time of the inquiry. Given practical verifiability concerns, only time travelers from the future were investigated. No time travelers were discovered. Although these negative results do not disprove time travel, given the great reach of the Internet, this search is perhaps the most comprehensive to date." Steven Hawkings' similar search also provided negative results.
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Searching The Internet For Evidence Of Time Travelers

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  • I think they may of read a little too much into said anime's plot...

  • Ok, well can we agree that if any of us discovers time travel in the future, we will come back to this point and post on this thread?
    ...unless, of course, the danger of altering the future is too great.
    In that case, just go for the "Frist Post". We will extrapolate from there.

    I read a fascinating article [] on the nature of time a few months ago.
    Maybe the idea isn't so crazy after all!

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