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tlhIngan writes: Today marks the first day that Valve has removed a game completely off its service. Order of War: Challenge has been not only removed from the service, but it is the first to be removed completely from a user's library as well. Previously, when a game was removed from Steam, it was just removed — as long as a local copy exists in your library, you could always play it, back it up, reactivate it, etc, (similar to Apple's iTunes and App Store — it may be gone, but as long as a copy exists, it'll work). Now it appears that Valve has actually gone the next step alongside Amazon and Google and removed games from a library.
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Valve's Steam removes its first game

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  • It's worth noting that it was Square Enix who forced Valve's hand: the game required online DRM servers (remember that Steam games can use third-party DRM), and Square Enix took them down, rendering the game unplayable. I don't think Valve has commented why the game was removed from people's libraries, but it was rendered unplayable by Square Enix. That should probably be included in the summary.

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