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Submission + - FILM vs. DIGITAL – Can You Tell the Diffidence? ( 4

Iddo Genuth writes: Film is fading away and almost all of us use digital cameras almost exclusively. But can we really tell the diffidence between film and digital? Photographer Joey Shanks set out to test this question by recording thousands of images with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (set to ISO 400) and a film camera – Canon 7E with a 400 ASA Fujifilm.

He shot a long series of images which he combined into several short clips he set side by side for you to look at and decide if you can actually tell which is which.

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FILM vs. DIGITAL – Can You Tell the Diffidence?

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  • diffidence??? WTF?
  • While the images themselves are fantastic, well worth a watch, comparing 35mm film with modern digital sensors is not really a fair comparison. Also, remember that these are not film images they are scanned images converted to digital, I have found this scanning process to be far from perfect, often changing the colour profile significantly and giving a more blurred image (I guess pixels don't align to grains!). A fine grained, medium format film still outclasses digital images in my opinion. Of course, it

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