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BigBadBus writes: When the Titanic sank in April 1912, the only first class child to perish was 2 year old Loraine Allison; the Allison's maid, Alice Cleaver had already absconded with baby Trevor, leaving the child's grief-stricken parents to search the ship for their son, unaware that he was safe in a lifeboat. The three members of the Allison family left on the Titanic perished together.
In future decades, a lady by the name of Helen Loraine Kramer came forward to claim that she was actually Loraine, and that she had been saved by a "Mr.Hyde" who had bundled her into a lifeboat. There seemed to be no proof to back up this claim, and suspicions were further stoked when Hyde was identified as the Titanic's chief designer, Thomas Andrews, who it seemed had turned his back on his family in Ireland to raise Loraine as his own. The further fact that Kramer/Allison would have to be 9 years old when she gave birth to her first daughter was seemingly no impediment to this bizarre story. With Kramer's death, her granddaughter Debrina Woods took up the mantle of proving the link to the Allison family, alluding to suitcases of evidence to back up her claim, but prevaricating on whether any DNA testing had been carried out, while she writes her book and movie script.
A few weeks back, a rival researcher acting on behalf of the actual Allison family finally got the results of the mitochondrial DNA analysis of Kramer and descendants of the Allisons: there was no match, meaning that Kramer's claims can now be consigned to the dustbin used to file the similar bogus claims of Princess Anastasia/Anna Anderson and other frauds.
This has not detered Woods, who has claimed to have "CLOSER genetic participants" than her opponent, but this simply shows ignorance of how mitochondrial DNA is passed down the family line.

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DNA Trounces A Titanic Fraud

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