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Submission + - Document Management system for home use? 3

mrkimile writes: I'm looking for a Document Management system that would help me reduce the amount of papers I need to have lying around.
The general idea would be to have all the incoming papers scanned and 'stored' into the DMS — with references to the filing cabinets/folders in my 'storage' area. I'd like to use it for most of the stuff I keep receiving at my household — for instance, all the government/IRS related stuff. Then, all the work orders from car repair shop(s), house appliance maintenance lads (for instance: I had a refrigerator fixed, under warranty, and currently I have the receipts stored in a 'Refrigirator' folder in my folder-cabinet, along with the warranty cards and all of it), etc. etc.
Also, now that I have a newborn coming along I'd like to keep all his papers in the DMS (the birth certificate, vaccination stuff, all the medical papers that I'll be receiving from various specialists), etc, etc. (I do live in Croatia and we still receive TONS of papers from various government offices/departments).

I've checked several of them, but those are either too complicated, or seem like an overkill (Alfresco), or don't have the necessary functionality (openKM — no way to add additional metadata, and then link documents via that metadata, etc, etc).

I'd prefer to use opensource web based Linux running system (so that both my wife and myself have easy access to the stuff), but i'm fine with desktop-based solution (either Linux or Windows). Also, I'd like it to be self-hosted, I kind-of don't want to share my documents with cloud-based services.
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Document Management system for home use?

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  • Did this earlier this year. First step is to have a good double sided sheet fed scanner.. I got a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 ADF that is linux friendly. http://www.sane-project.org/ has a full list. gscan2pdf is a great piece of software that does most of the work.

    For OCR - I basically only do on a windows virtualbox session with commercial software. Open source was not of sufficient quality at this point (although some people have had success with tesseract for OCR). I only do that on occasion. Most cases (rec
    • Filesystem is just not enough for me. I need to have some sort of metadata ability as I'd like to store additional 'stuff' related to my documents. For instance, IRS service decided they want an extra tax for my flat. They were wrong so I filed a complain. In cca 2 years that resulted in over 30 documents, issued both by me and the IRS. They all have different names/titles, but all share special 'case number' - so, that case number would be metadata 'tag' could add to those documents.
  • I found this gem awhile back when someone else was in a similar boat on Slashdot:


    I don't know how well it works on Linux or handles attachments, but it is a starting point if nothing else.

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