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Submission + - 12 year old girl gives up her Christmas to help the homeless (myhorrynews.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Mariah started "Trending Change" to make a difference. She represents a change that she feels is needed more than ever. A change that must start within one's own self. Like most children, Mariah has always looked forward to Christmas, but each year she would always put together as much as she could to give to the homeless as well. This year has been no different, but it has been more challenging financially.

Unfortunately, this holiday season there are even more people that will spend Christmas in the unwelcome reality of being alone and homeless. Mariah is a young lady with a very big heart and has spent a lot of time this year giving support directly to those in need. During that time she has learned that many of the homeless we make contact with feel as if they have been forgotten or passed over in the thoughts of others. Forgotten and invisible to most of society, most of the time. Letting them know that someone cares about them has become Mariah's personal mission this Christmas.

Mariah has given her own Christmas up this year in exchange for the opportunity to organize a campaign to benefit the homeless.

She started Trending Change with the hopes of making a real difference in the lives of the those that feel forgotten, and in the lives of those who refuse to forget them.

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12 year old girl gives up her Christmas to help the homeless

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