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Submission + - Snowed In? There's An App for That (dailyorange.com)

McGruber writes: The City of Syracuse, NY receives an average of 128 inches of snow a year (http://cdo.ncdc.noaa.gov/climatenormals/clim20/ny/308383.pdf), more than any other large city in the United States. Syracuse residents who wake up to a foot of snow can go back to bed thanks to a new App that allows users to hire snowplows on demand, according to this article published in the student newspaper at Syracuse University (http://www.dailyorange.com/2013/12/app-lets-syracuse-residents-order-snowplows-on-demand/).
With “a few taps of a button,” users of the app Plowz can schedule snowplows either immediately or for the next day. When the plowing is complete, customers receive a picture of their freshly-plowed driveway through the app.

Personally, I prefer the attitude of the late Buffalo, NY mayor Jimmy Griffin, who told Buffalo residents during the Blizzard of 1985 to "go home, buy a six pack of beer, and watch a good football game." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_D._Griffin)

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Snowed In? There's An App for That

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