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Submission + - Panel Urges Major NSA Spying Overhaul (

wiredmikey writes: A board set up to review the NSA's vast surveillance programs has called for a wide-ranging overhaul of National Security Agency practices while preserving "robust" intelligence capabilities. The panel, set up by President Obama, issued 46 recommendations, including reforms at a secret national security court and an end to retention of telephone "metadata" by the spy agency.

The 308-page report (PDF) submitted last week to the White House and released publicly Wednesday says the US government needs to balance the interests of national security and intelligence gathering with privacy and "protecting democracy, civil liberties, and the rule of law."

Panel members said the recommendations would not necessarily mean a rolling back of intelligence gathering, including on foreign leaders, but that surveillance must be guided by standards and by high-level policymakers.

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Panel Urges Major NSA Spying Overhaul

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