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Submission + - Epson Chief Takes Swipe At Copycat Tech Giants

bennyboy64 writes: The president of Epson, Minoru Usui, has accused technology companies such as Samsung and Apple of copying each other, saying most of the components inside their gadgets are the same, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
"If you look at products like iPhones or Samsung devices, if you take them apart then you'll find that they're basically all using the same displays, they're using the same batteries, the same condensers, the same parts. Where there's a difference between [them] is [in] the design or the software or even just the brand," Mr Usui said.
He made the comments while discussing how Epson would soon move beyond its traditional product range to become involved in emerging technologies, such as wearables.
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Epson Chief Takes Swipe At Copycat Tech Giants

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