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Submission + - Australian NBN to blowout by $11bn ( 2

AlbanX writes: The rollout of Australia's national broadband network will blow out from a promised $29 billion to $41 billion and will be delayed by three years under the new government.

Speeds will also be slower, and there may be job cuts at the organisation running the project.

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Australian NBN to blowout by $11bn

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  • A government-run program delayed, costing more, and delivering less. Who could've expected that?
    • by AHuxley ( 892839 )
      They could have gone optical but that would have subjected the classic nation building telco to just been another ISP, level with the other larger emerging providers.
      The new optical to a powered, cooled node and then onto existing small diamerter, long copper lengths in suburbia gives existing shareholders a wonderful revenue stream or sale.
      Down streets: copper will have to be cared for and the new powered, cooled nodes will not be that cheap over time.
      Like the UK the speeds will depend on distance, qual

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