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Submission + - High-Stakes Poker Players Targeted by Trojan Attacks

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: F-Secure Labs reports that Jens Kyllönen, a professional poker player who won about 2.5 million dollars in the past year, was recently playing in the European Poker Tour event in Barcelona. When Kyllönen returned to his hotel room he found his laptop didn't boot properly so he brought it in for analysis. F-Secure discovered Kyllönen's computer was the victim of a Sharking attack targeted against professional poker players similar to Whaling attacks which are targeted at high profile business managers. "So, what's the moral of the story? If you have a laptop that is used to move large amounts of money, take good care of it. Lock the keyboard when you step away. Put it in a safe when you're not around it, and encrypt the disk to prevent off-line access. Don't surf the web with it (use another laptop/device for that, they're relatively cheap). This advice is true whether you're a poker pro using a laptop for gaming or a business controller in a large company using the computer for wiring a large amount of funds."
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High-Stakes Poker Players Targeted by Trojan Attacks

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