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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Did they Know That?

william.meaney1 writes: (All Names and Locations are fictional, but the situation is real)
I was talking with family over Thanksgiving and heard a disturbing tail of personal information access. My sister Jane and her husband Bob are temporarily living in another state while he is doing military training. All their mail was still being delivered to their home, and being brought inside by a trusted friend.

My sister came to live with us for a month and a half while her husband was on an extended training exercise. For that month and a half, she temporarily changed her address with the post office to our home address. Along with Jane and Bob's mail, we got a piece of mail for one of Bob's brothers, Barry. We told Barry that we had recieved a letter for him (it was either a creditor or a site that has payment information from him), so he logged into his account. The billing address had been changed our home address.

Also during this time, my sister went to a doctors appointment. They asked her if her address was still "123 Joe Smith Ave." She said that address was not only incorrect but did not sound familiar. It was in the state she and her husband had temporarily relocated to. She looked up this address, and it was the company she was contracting with while she was away from her job at home.

We've asked people who work for the post office, and they claim that they don't specially notify any business or entity of a changed address. What else could have happened?

Possibly relevant information:
1:) Janes husband, Bob, is one of the six Magoo brothers. Bill, Barry, Bart, Bob, Bosco, and Brendan.
2:) Bob and his brothers grew up at 3 Doe Road, in Allentown, IA. Bob and Jane's home is at 3 Buck Road, in Steveston, IL.

We're all baffled, does anyone have any idea where the information may have gotten crossed?
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Ask Slashdot: How Did they Know That?

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