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Submission + - Legal backlash against KlearGear.com bad review "fine"

An anonymous reader writes: An update on a Slashdot story about KlearGear.com "fining" a couple for a bad review 4 years earlier on RipoffReport: Not only did KlearGear report this as a bad debt to credit reporting agencies, but KlearGear is hiding behind a DomainsByProxy domain name to making finding their real identities harder. Now Public Citizen is representing the couple and is going after KlearGear for $75,000. The TV station that broke this story, KUTV, now reports: It looks like RipoffReport will be on the couple's side also, the BBB and TRUSTe say their logos were used by KlearGear.com without permission, and credit reporting agency Experian is also investigating. (Submitting anonymously for obvious reasons.)
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Legal backlash against KlearGear.com bad review "fine"

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