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Optimizing Perl 5 Compiler Finally In The Works

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  • I'm very interested in seeing where this project goes, but I do think its not fair to say Perl is super slow. For certain things there are extension packages like PDL (Perl Data Language, see [] that can be incredible fast.

  • ... but modern perl running on mod_perl or a native server (Starman for example) is not slow at all ...

  • I tried really hard to find the point to all this, but to say the author is vague would be a huge understatement.

    The claims are that Perl is slow. Slow how, exactly? The only reference given for this observation is a heavy floating point matrix math algorithm. That's hardly a job that would prompt many to reach for the Perl hammer, but if you're making that choice we have PDL.

    The complaints are about Perl's "magic" and how that's the core of its perceived performance problem. RPerl promises a "low-magic

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