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windwalker13th writes: Recently the New York Times ran an article highlighting the pull that a State Board in Texas holds over that state and rest of the Nation. Because of the unique way in which Texas picks school textbooks (purchasing large volumes of textbooks at once to be used for the next decade) publishers pander to this board to get their books approved. The board currently holds several members (6 of 28 who are known to reject evolution) who hold creationist views and actively work to ensure that the science textbooks do not use as strong language or must include "critical thinking" about possible alternate explanations for evolution. The 'Theory of Evolution' as currently set forth while a "theory" is more FACT/LAW (Like Newtown’s Three Laws of Motion). So while our exact understanding of humans origins, if we evolved from monkeys as most evidence indicate or, were created a little while ago on the geological time frame by an all knowing creator, or were a planet seeded by aliens is still somewhat up for debate evolution is not. What can we as a society do to ensure that K-12 schools are teaching our kids that the change in features of Galapagos finches is the result of natural selection driven by changing environmental conditions and the process of evolution?
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Evolution in Science Textbooks for Texas Schools

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  • Texas positions itself as a powerful economic bloc, IIRC the biggest single textbook purchaser in the country, and publishers maximize their profits by letting it dictate the content.

    So make another bloc. Get a substantial number of state boards to issue a joint declaration that they will not buy books that don't meet a certain standard of scientific insight, and publishers that pander to Texas will lose the other states. Shouldn't be that hard to publish a real textbook and a Texas Edition.

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