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Submission + - The Danger To Science Budgets From Partisan "Anti-Science" Political Theater ( 1

cold fjord writes: The following are excerpts from a piece that Mischa Fisher has in the Atlantic, "For every cheap shot a Republican member of Congress ... has taken at National Science Foundation grants ... there are areas where Obama has undercut American leadership in basic science ... We've seen this in his proposed cuts to high-energy physics, nuclear physics, planetary science, and other areas of research. ... the GOP budget proposals provided more funding for the NSF than those of the Senate Democrats for the current 2013 fiscal year. ... caricaturing Republicans as the “bad guys” on science ... gives Obama and the Democratic Party a free pass on bad decisions that undermine long-term basic research. ... it's important to keep science bipartisan—and why cheap shots about Republicans and science are dangerous. The politics of the immediate will always trump the politics of the long term. So actions like the sequester, which left entitlements untouched but caused furloughs at NASA and the Office of Science, stalled research at the National Institutes of Health, and reduced grants from the NSF and other federally supported research agencies—will happen again and again absent tax and spending reform. If the sequester taught us anything, it's that science will always lose to Social Security, Medicare, and defense when budgets are being cut. ... Supporters of federal science funding ... can ill afford to lose Republican support for science. But if it is perceived as a partisan litmus test, it will not continue to exist in its current state as the government's other financial obligations continue to grow. This may be stupid or petty and perhaps it ought not to matter whether or not it's perceived as a partisan issue, but I've been on the Hill and this is how politics works."
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The Danger To Science Budgets From Partisan "Anti-Science" Political Theater

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