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Submission + - The Art of Apple

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: CNN reports that self-professed Apple fanatic Jonathan Zufi has published a book of photography profiling 500 of Apple's products through the years because unlike other companies Apple has unapologetically focused on design says Zufi and he wants to celebrate that with his images. "Other companies came up with the guts for a machine and then the engineers would find a way to stuff them into a box," says Zufi. "Steve Jobs started with the box and said, 'You need to find a way to get the guts in.'" It's an unlikely project for a software engineer with no formal photography training. Zufi bought new equipment and consulted with a professional as he began the project, which was four years in the making. "I had a sudden memory of an old game I used to play in high school called Robot War," says Zufi. "I hopped on eBay to look for the game and an old Apple II to play it on, and that's how I ended up looking through old Apple products." Zufi says that he approached each shot by looking for an image that would "create that same emotional connection to that product, but maybe doesn't look like something you've seen before" and says that his mission is to showcase the entire spectrum of products that Apple have sold to the public since 1976 – every desktop, every laptop, every notebook, monitor, iPod, iPad, iPhone, mouse, keyboard, modem, cable, port, adapter, docking station, memory expansion card.and that’s just their hardware. "If you look back at the history, Apple went from a circuit board to a brushed aluminum, high-tech device like the iPhone," says Zufi. "The book proves they're not done innovating, They've got lot more powder in the keg."
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The Art of Apple

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