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Submission + - Route-Injection Attacks Detouring Internet Traffic ( 1

msm1267 writes: Attackers are using route injection attacks against BGP-speaking routers to insert additional hops in the traffic stream, redirecting traffic to third-party locations where it can be inspected before it’s sent to its destination.
Internet intelligence company Renesys has detected close to 1,500 IP address blocks that have been hijacked on more than 60 days this year, a disturbing trend that indicates attackers could finally have an increased interest in weaknesses inherent in core Internet infrastructure.

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Route-Injection Attacks Detouring Internet Traffic

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  • This is an important topic.... It seems to me that
    routes should not be quite as fluid as some tools
    let them be.

    For major parts of the Internet there is not going to be
    some magical appearance of fiber between key hubs.

    It seems that encryption and "sticky" routing are going to be
    a necessary component of the future Internet. At a
    largish computer company decades ago it was just too
    easy to add a second link to a machine or add a bridge
    from hither to yon that while "closer" was slower.

    In an attempt to gain st

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