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Submission + - Would Bitcoin in China go the way of the Falun Gong?

BitVulture writes: A major factor in the current surge in the value of Bitcoin is the increased adoption of the digital currency in China. Not only has Chinese search giant Baidu accepted it as a payment method, but perhaps more importantly, Bitcoin has also received positive coverage in the state media. But for Bitcoin speculators who think that official tolerance translates to official approval and an even brighter future for the cryptocurrency in China, I have two words, Falun Gong.

A spiritual discipline may have little in common with cloud-based computer code, but for a brief period in the early 1990's, Falun Gong received what also amounted to official sanction for its supposed health benefits and focus on morality. However, once the Chinese authorities realized the threat it posed to the state, Falun Gong was ruthlessly suppressed, even if its members numbered in the tens of millions.

Being merely information that can be firewalled into insignificance, Bitcoin would be an easier target for suppression should the Party decide that cryptocurrency is against state interests. Would Bitcoin go the way of the Falun Gong? Or just as it has fused socialism with not-so-free capitalism, would China once again find a way to adapt, and not just adopt, Western culture, technology and economic practices into a Bitcoin system with Chinese characteristics?
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Would Bitcoin in China go the way of the Falun Gong?

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