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Submission + - Mikko Hyppönen Warns Parents Over Google ID Demands (

jones_supa writes: Google has started to close email accounts for children aged under-13 unless a parent sends a copy of their ID to Google in the United States. Online safety and security came into sharper focus when a 12-year-old received a notice from Google that warned her email account would be closed within a week. The only way she could prevent closure of the account, which she had used for more than a year, was to ask a parent to send a copy of their official ID to Google. Mikko Hyppönen, information security expert from F-Secure, is extremely cautious about the practice. 'I don’t recommend sending ID anywhere, in any way,' said Hyppönen. The age limit is not an insurmountable obstacle for internet-curious youngsters. Many children now receive an email address via their school, so they are able to communicate online without compromising data security by sending personal information on the internet.
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Mikko Hyppönen Warns Parents Over Google ID Demands

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