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Submission + - How Perl and R reveal the United States' isolation in the TPP negotiations ( 1

langelgjm writes: As /. reported, last Thursday Wikileaks released a draft text of the intellectual property chapter in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Since then, many commentators have raised alarm about its contents. But what happens when you mix the leaked text together with Perl regular expressions and R's network analysis packages? You get some neat visualizations showing just how isolated the United States is in pushing for extreme copyright and patent laws.
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How Perl and R reveal the United States' isolation in the TPP negotiations

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  • The article suggest that "Canada is up to something" given their ties to other nations involved. While that may be true it should also come as no surprise. Looking at the connections we see that Canada is tied to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei by means of the Commonwealth which means they share many legal traditions with each other and have long standing political ties to one another.

    The United States is the largest English speaking nation not a member of the Commonwealth and that la

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