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Submission + - Mass Surveillance Disruption Network (indiegogo.com) 3

mikel.heyden writes: I"m sure your organization gets inundated with requests. We're however working to develop an application to disrupt mass surveillance. We're just looking for any exposure you may be able to provide.

I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the project.

The goal is to disrupt mass surveillance by creating enormous amounts of data. Data will be disguised to be indecipherable from actual conversations. Disruption will occur over all primary forms of communication: Email, Phone calls, Text Messaging, and Web Browsing


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Mass Surveillance Disruption Network

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  • While the concept is thought out it over looks a few items that could effect a failure to launch.
    First off in order to create a sufficient amount of disruption in the surveillance collection there will need to be a massive buy in of users fairly quickly.This means that they will need to create a very large interest in their product very quickly to get enough users to make a difference.
    This kind of effort to promote the product effectively will also draw attention from the very people it is meant to thwart
  • Sirnomad. We don't need huge widespread adoption immediately for this to work. The idea isn't to DDOS the powers that be, the idea is to spreads massive amounts of disinformation. At the bare minimum if someone believes their actively being surveilled it will help disrupt monitoring of their communications. Plausible deniability! "Oh, i didn't know that guy, my phone autodialed him using SDN" But your right, if the app makes it it'll no doubt face stiff resistance from the big brothers of the world.

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