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Submission + - Rigging Up Baby

theodp writes: Over at Fast Company, Rebecca Greenfield explores the rise of extreme baby monitoring. "In the imminent future," writes Greenfield, "any curious parent with an iPhone will have access to helpful analytics, thanks to the rise of wearable gadgets for babies. Following the success of self-trackers for grown-ups, like Jawbone and Fitbit, companies like Sproutling, Owlet, and Mimo want to quantify your infants." Devices connect to a baby via boot, anklet, or onesie, and record heart rate, breathing patterns, temperature, body position, and the ambient conditions of the room. While the breathing and sleeping alerts will calm a lot of parents, Greenfield reports the real holy grail is the data garnered from tracking, which some companies plan to share with researchers. "We're creating the largest data set of infant health data," says Owlet co-founder Jordan Monroe.
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Rigging Up Baby

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