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Submission + - AMD's mid-range Radeon R9 270 includes BF4 for $179

crookedvulture writes: This season's recent string of graphics card launches continues with the Radeon R9 270. AMD's latest mid-range contender has a $179 asking price, and it comes with a free copy of Battlefield 4. It's also fast enough to play the game at 1080p resolution with ultra details. Like the bulk of AMD's new Radeons, the 270 isn't based on a new chip; it's just another spin on the Pitcairn GPU behind last year's Radeon HD 7870, this time with a tighter power envelope. But the new Radeon still delivers a smoother gaming experience than equivalent the GeForce, with lower frame latencies and higher FPS averages. And, unlike AMD's latest Hawaii-based Radeon R9 290 and 290X, the R9 270 is no louder than the competition. Speaking of rivals, the similarly priced GeForce GTX 660 has been around for more than a year. Nvidia may counter with an update of its own, just like it did with the GeForce GTX 780 Ti. The back and forth battle between the two graphics giants continues to deliver great value for gamers. As the next-gen consoles approach, it feels increasingly like PC gamers have it better than ever.
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AMD's mid-range Radeon R9 270 includes BF4 for $179

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