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Boycott BMG writes: Recent discussion on /. about the Samsung and LG curved displays seems to dismiss them as mostly gimmicks, but in an article at Displaymate Dr. Raymond Soniera explains one of the advantages of curved displays: altering the reflections. From the article:

Reflections from a Curved Screen

The concave screen shape on the Galaxy Round cuts down on reflections from the surrounding ambient light two ways: first, by reducing the screen’s 180 degree opening angle, which eliminates reflections from some ambient light coming from the sides. Second, from specular mirror reflections off the concave screen, because the curvature directs reflected ambient light coming from behind away from the viewer’s line of sight. This is very important because you want to minimize the amount of ambient light that is seen reflected off the screen.

Curved Screen Magnification

But the most interesting and important result of the slightly curved Galaxy Round screen is that it magnifies the sizes of all of the objects that it reflects, just like a concave mirror that I mentioned above. As it turns out, that substantially cuts down on the interference of light reflections from ambient light in three ways:

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Curved Smartphone Screens Aren't a Gimmick

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