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Submission + - Getting drunk without alcohol - Star Trek's synthehol is on the way! ( 1

MalachiK writes: A senior academic and former UK government drugs adviser reckons that pretty soon it'll be possible to enjoy the fun of being drunk without having to suffer the negative effects of alcohol. In a proposal reminiscent of Star Trek's synthehol, Professor David Nut has identified a number of molecules that he claims offer experiences that are subjectively indistinguishable from alcohol intoxication. Apparently a major advantage of using these more selectively psychoactive drugs is that the effects can be quickly reversed. It's not all good news though as Professor Nut seems to think that the drinks industry is using its financial and political clout to stop this sort of research being undertaken.
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Getting drunk without alcohol - Star Trek's synthehol is on the way!

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  • Yeah, and the sugar alcohols and fat taste-a-likes worked out so well. Seems like a great idea, but I would bet that it wouldn't be long before the users would discover some seriously damaging aspects that just weren't part of the model or rat-drinking-game studies. Better to just choose the right alcohol (whiskey! :)) and mix it wisely, take some B vitamins, eat some food before and after, etc.

Vitamin C deficiency is apauling.